• Intarsia I (2016, William Holland – School of Lapidary Arts) – Intarsia may be on of the worlds first examples of the cut and paste technique. We will be learning to cut small pieces of patterned, colorful or otherwise interesting rocks and actually gluing them together to form intricate scenic or geometric patterns. This is a basis class, so we will be using flat laps and intarsia grinders, but not faceting machines (1 week – 5 days – 40+ hours)
  • Cabochons I (2015, William Holland – School of Lapidary Arts) – This course is intended for beginners, but more experienced cabers may find it useful, also. Starting with standard shapes (domed and flat, curved and straight sides) and moving on later in the week to free forms, students will cut a variety of both hard material (such as agate and jasper) and softer materials (such as marble and turquoise). They will learn to determine the shape of and pre-form a stone depending on the pattern or shape it presents. They will learn to edge a stone depending on how it is to be set. Attention will be given to safety, the use and care of the machines, and special characteristics of different cutting materials. Emphasis will be on quality, not quantity; thus, the number of finished cabochons an individual student may produce is expected to vary widely. The instructor will work with individuals to improve their skills and also pause to share instructions and insights with the entire group. For the basic lab fee a small kit will be provided each student (includes several slabs, written instructions, and other material for the class). Additional slabs of various materials will be available for purchase at nominal prices, or you may bring your own (no rough to be slabbed). Come prepared to discover some of Earth’s hidden beauty and to have a mountain of fun. (1 week – 5 days – 40+ hours)
  • Lapidary & Cabochon II (2012, Macomb Community College) – Learn how to cut and polish gemstones for jewelry making using vertical laps. (9 Sessions)
  • Lapidary & Cabochon (2011, Macomb Community College) – Learn how to cut and polish gemstones for jewelry making using horizontal laps. Equipment and safety issues will be introduced. A three hour field trip will be announced in class. (9 Sessions)